McMyAdmin licence migration plan.

March 10, 2014 at 3:44 PMPhonicUK

After many months, the new CubeCoders software licencing system is built and running. The new system offers a number of benefits:

  • No more dependencies on email addresses for the licence. You'll be able to switch email address much more easily in the future.
  • The server ID no longer needs to be requeried each time McMyAdmin starts up.
  • Proper invoicing facilities, with nice printable PDF invoices for your records.
  • Better key tracking and management. You'll be able to see how many remaining usages you have on each licence you own.
  • Greater licencing flexibility. It means we'll be able to have a wider variety of licence types to suit different users better.
The next stage is getting everything moved over to using it. With nearly 200K users, this is a difficult task.
So the migration is going to be done in stages, the current plan looks like this:
1) Dual Licencing
The first step is to release a version of McMyAdmin capable of handling both the new licences and the old ones, and that can continue operating just using a 'legacy' licence. During this step the old style licences will continue to be issued.
2) New purchases moved to new system.
Next is to have all new issued licences switch to being issued by the new system. This will be done a couple of weeks after the dual-licencing release to allow for the gap between downloading McMyAdmin and purchasing a licence. Old style licences will continue to be valid.
3) Automated migration of legacy licences to 'modern' licences.
After that the legacy licences will be automatically converted to the new style. This will trigger emails being sent out to everyone affected over a period of time with the new details in. McMyAdmin instances with valid licences will automatically collect their 'new' licence from the licence server without requiring any user interaction. During this stage the legacy licences will still be valid in the event that McMyAdmin cannot contact the licence servers due to the increased load.
4) Termination of legacy licences.
Once all licences have been moved over to the new system, another version of McMyAdmin will be released without the legacy licence system and will only run or activate with a 'modern' licence.
5) Mandatory update to 'modern' licence version.
About six weeks after the modern-licence only version of McMyAdmin is released, a mandatory update notice will be sent out to older versions. In addition, the legacy licence server will report a licence failure to all remaining legacy instances.
Other notes:
  • Anyone who has a free or complimentary licence will need to contact CubeCoders to request a new licence to be generated. These licences will not migrate automatically.
  • Enterprise hosts will be required to fill in a short form to migrate their licence. This is only done once for the whole licence (not per-instance) to collect information such as business type and VAT registration numbers (if applicable)
  • Linux users may have to install a new binary to update when the time comes, but all settings will remain.

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