McMyAdmin to be owned by CubeCoders Limited

February 26, 2013 at 11:59 AMPhonicUK

This is a move long overdue, but finally it's happening.

Last week I started the process of moving my business operations to run as a fully fledged limited company here in the UK.

The final switch over will happen on the 1st of April this year. Meaning that at that point, all McMyAdmin related licences and contracts will move to being with myself to being with CubeCoders Limited.

Among other changes that are going to go along with this, all existing McMyAdmin Pro and Enterprise licences are being reissued either on or shortly after April 1st.

This will also trigger a mandatory update in McMyAdmin to change to using the new licencing server. Those with existing entered keys should find that their licence key is automatically swapped over without any intervention on their part.

Part of the move to the new licencing system is to no longer tie licences to email addresses or Paypal accounts to make them more flexible.

All existing licence keys will remain usable for a number of months after the changeover to give people time to migrate - but there will be a point at which old licence keys cease to be usable. There will be measures in place to help people recover lost keys if they have not managed to migrate by that time and the automated systems are unable to assist.

All in all this should be a largely transparent and painless transition, with many long term improvements once everything is done and dusted.

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