Announcing McMyAdmin XS - manage multiple McMyAdmin servers from a single interface.

January 26, 2013 at 8:02 PMPhonicUK


McMyAdmin XS allows you to manage multiple McMyAdmin instances from a single web interface. Like McMyAdmin it is entirely self contained with everything it needs to operate. You will be able to:

  • View average CPU+RAM usage across all monitored servers
  • Group servers into arbitrary categories (for example, you could group all the servers on a single physical machine together)
  • Perform mass operations such as restarts or updates across either all servers, or all servers in a categories.
  • View an individual servers panel from within the same interface to access all of that servers settings.
  • Auto-add any existing Pro servers by supplying your McMyAdmin Pro licence key.
  • Auto-add servers by scanning a subnet for instances (Only available to McMyAdmin Enterprise users).
A few notes about the restrictions surrounding McMyAdmin XS:
  • 32-bit systems are entirely unsupported. McMyAdmin XS will not start on any 32 bit system.
  • McMyAdmin XS will not permit running as root/administrator. It must be run as a restricted user.
  • McMyAdmin Personal servers cannot be managed via McMyAdmin XS. Only McMyAdmin Pro and Enterprise servers may be managed.
Like McMyAdmin itself, McMyAdmin XS includes a scheduler. It will allows you to schedule certain tasks across all managed servers.
McMyAdmin XS will be made freely available to all McMyAdmin Pro/Enterprise users.
Screenshots and further details to follow.

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