Proposed McMyAdmin Extension development guidelines.

April 30, 2013 at 11:51 AMPhonicUK

McMyAdmin is moving more towards the point that part of its strength will be in the extra features provided by 3rd party extensions provided by other users. This of course naturally points things in the direction of a 'extension marketplace' where people can distribute extensions.

Whether or not they could be charged for is an interesting question, since they are simply HTML and Javascript and thus very easy to reverse engineer. However MCMA is able to provide signing and verification to prevent people using extensions they aren't allowed to (to some degree) - however in the immediate term, its likely that the initial release of such a market would have all the extensions being free.

So that in mind, there would be some sense in having a set of guidelines for what Extensions should or should not do in order to provide a good user experience.

Below is a first draft of the restrictions. Comments are invited by users and developers.

Extensions must (mandatory)

  • work on Internet Explorer 9 (or newer), Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as a minimum with equal functionality on all 3 browsers (exceptions may be made for bleeding-edge technologies such as WebGL)
  • warn the user before deleting or modifying any user data (such as permissions)
  • store user configuration using the extension configuration APIs and not via any other means.
  • not modify the McMyAdmin control panel outside of their own designated tab.
  • not permanently store any sensitive data (such as usernames, passwords, ip addresses, etc)
  • not use javascript or HTML included from external sources (all used code and markup assets must ship with the extension itself)
  • not manipulate any of McMyAdmins existing functionality.
  • not use obfuscated source code. All extension source should be human readable.
  • not attempt to replace the version of jQuery loaded by McMyAdmin

Extensions should (strongly advised, but not entirely mandatory)

  • conform to McMyAdmins overall look and feel (using the same CSS classes) where possible.
  • avoid using 3rd party services outside of the developers control.
  • not modify McMyAdmins own settings without notifying the user that it is about to do so first.
If you have any comments about the existing proposed rules or would like to suggest some of your own, you may post them below.

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Everyone should be just a little bit ruder.

April 28, 2013 at 10:54 PMPhonicUK

I've always thought the world would be a better place if everyone was a bit ruder to each other.

Just to clarify on that, I don't mean discourteous or impolite - what I mean is not sugar coating criticism to avoid making the other person feel bad, and that people should not be afraid to tell someone when they've done something stupid or to make fun of an individual for being incredibly dense.

At the moment when someone has been stupid, it's hard to call them out for it without looking like an ass. When an answer to a question is just a quick search away, then it seems entirely reasonable that people should be chastised for not using the tools available to them. However if you point someone to a LMGTFY (Let Me Google That For You) link - the smugness that comes with it would largely prevent the recipient from being open to the (passive) criticism.

If it were the case that criticism of this kind were much more widespread, it seems plausible that people would stop taking it personally - and we could all go around telling everyone else that they are idiots.

Because we are all idiots, every single one of us on this Earth is an idiot one way or another at some point.

But I do worry that some people seem to drift through life unaware of this detail, and need reminding of it.

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