Things that suck about McMyAdmin right now, and what's being done about them.

November 13, 2012 at 3:37 PMPhonicUK

I would be a very poor developer if I didn't acknowledge that my software has it's weaknesses, because unless as a developer you are aware of your software's shortcomings you can never improve upon them.

So here are the areas that I think most urgently need the most improvement, and what I intend to do about it:


While only being able to backup the main world was fine in McMyAdmin's early days with vanilla servers, it has become woefully inadequate for most users today.

So to sort this, a whole new backup system is being built for use in McMyAdmin 2.4. It will be able to:

  • Selectively backup and restore multiple worlds (you could back up all worlds, but only restore 1 if you wished).
  • Backup and restore your McMyAdmin permissions configuration.
  • Backup and restore all of your plugins and their configuration data.
The new backup format contains an archive manifest detailing what it contains, as well as information such a unique identifier, its name and when it was taken.
While initially these will only be full backups, the new format allows for incremental backups by tracking which backup ID it was based on. This functionality will be added down the line after 2.4.

Multiple world Support

Before even getting to user added worlds, the standard game has 3 worlds - the main world, the nether and the end. McMyAdmin needs to be better aware of all of these, plus user added worlds.

So starting with McMyAdmin 2.4 - you'll be able to:

  • Select which worlds will be included in automatic backups
  • Select which worlds will be available for permissions exporting
  • Automatically populate McMyAdmin with new worlds
McMyAdmin won't be trying to manage multiworld plugins for you, but it will detect worlds as you create and remove them.


Arguably, the best software doesn't require documentation. It should be so intuitive and simple that the user understands how everything works just by playing with it.

Of course this is something of a pipe dream, some concepts such as handling permissions or some advanced scheduling mechanisms require some explanation, and forums do not constitute documentation.

So McMyAdmin 2.5 will be getting a new in-panel help mechanism to explain new concepts to the user, in addition to this a new 'welcome' guide will be made available to new users to help them get started faster.


Of course if there's something you think really sucks and would like to know what I plan to do about it, leave a comment! I'll try and address as many as I can.

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